BACONSTOCK/Dan Janisch/Happy Halloween

Well, it seems my entries occur on a monthly basis and it'll have to do I suppose.

October proved to be an inspiration music-wise due to some very fun, spontaneous gigs. On Saturday the 17th, I had the good fortune of fiddlin' and singin' with former bandmates and new members of Murphy's Flaw (Donn Cunningham-guitar, John Bryan-banjo, Matt Witler-mandolin, Peter Blackwelder-fiddle and Paul Dorn-upright bass) at an outdoor charity gig which was the fall harvest festival for Tierra Del Sol (a great organization I might add).

Then the following weekend (10/24) played again with Donn, John and Paul as part of Baconstock over at The Cinema Bar.

Baconstock was a hoot! It was a special 3-day music fest/going away party for The Cinema's beloved bartender Sara Bacon who is leaving for Maine in a week or so. Everyone played in such fine form and the joint was jumpin'! Here's a pic (borrowed from Facebook, thanks Hampton!) of Sara gettin' her grove on and me grinnin' away during Dan Janisch's set.

So, I'm hanging out on the back patio taking a breather from all the Baconstock festivities and I notice all these cool Halloween posters promoting Dan Janisch's "Vicious Draculicious" show. So I ask Dan, who's coincidentally taking a breather too, about his show and he invites me to play a tune special for his Halloween gig.

Well, that show was last night, and man did I fun playing "Devil Went Down To Georgia" with Dan and his god-damn awesome band! The Cinema Bar was all decked out in Halloween gear: smoke poured from a coffin, spiders and ghosts dangled from the ceiling and cool black lights lit the joint. "Devil" and Dan's encore of "She's So Wild" were highlights for me.

And now, I get to do Halloween all over again! My favorite LA rockabilly singer, Brian Hogan, is having me sit in tonight for a special spooktacular set over at The Fox and Hounds Pub in Studio City. And yes, there'll be a repeat performance of "Devil Went Down To Georgia." I can't wait!

With all this performing activity, I'm feeling inspired to get my solo act out there on the scene. Stay tuned...

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