Day 13 Hello Operator...

Hey Bud, well I'm knee deep in animating albeit slow, but a lot of fun. Played some guitar today and sang a bit. May record another quickie demo later in the week, but with our nephew Anthony coming to town on Tues, it may not happen either. Really looking forward to his visit. It will be a bit of a stay-cation for me as I show him the LA sights.

My thoughts today:
After doing a lot of collaboration over the past few years with other bands and artists, I'm thoroughly enjoying the autonomy of my own art and vision these days. I love recording all the parts to my music. I love the actual process of recording, and the same is holding true with my animation. It's sheer joy drawing something and making it come to life with motion and sound. Oh, the allure of illusion.

It's pretty neat that my time is proportionately divided between music and drawing. It's going to be fun creating cartoons of my songs and scoring music and effects for my animated stories. I am in complete control. I have the power!!! Mwwaahh-aaahh-aahh! Can't wait to have my own merch of t-shirts, stickers and coffee mugs, which is the kind of stuff I like buying as well.

For now it's small projects and demos, doable chunks, learning as I go and not overwhelming myself with perfection; nor ambitious, elaborate productions. Keep it simple, Stupid.

What I'm working on:
Okay. I came across "Hello Operator" by the White Stripes on my iTunes, and thought it would be cool to make them cartoons. I came up with the idea of Jack White watching Home Shopping Network as he's talking to HSN operator Meg White, while she sits bored at her cubicle, rolling her eyes having to endure his phone call.

Here's what I've got so far...

I've roughly timed out my story to be :30 sec. Trying to progress to a longer form than the :06 sec Vines, although those Vines are good for cranking out more than one idea. 

So, we're quickly approaching the 2 week mark of summer sister blogging. Soon it will be a month. How about that??!!

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  • Christy


    OMG! That looks just like them! I love the setup. Can't wait to see it.

    OMG! That looks just like them! I love the setup. Can't wait to see it.

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