Entry #11 Where Is My Mind?

Well, I'm still busy making charts and demos for the guys. Thought I'd be done by now, but have 3 more songs to go. Hoping to knock out 2 later today.

My sister Christy insisted I post my latest DIY recording demo that I sent to the boys for reference. So here it is, my version of The Pixies Where Is My Mind? along with some web pics I found from surfin' the 'net.

BTW, I got the chords from a terrific fan site, FrankBlack.net, which has an awesome TABS section of pretty much everything Frank Black did as a solo artist and as Black Francis with The Pixies. So, thanks for the tab Derek (ProverbialCereal)!

This tune served as my introduction to barre chords. As you can hear, the G# chord gets botched a couple of times.

FYI for you younger hipsters, this song came out originally in '88 on the The Pixies Surfer Rosa album (pictured) and not from the Fight Club movie soundtrack, though a great film nonetheless; and a cool use of the tune!

Geesh, this entry took a lot of time. I couldn't figure out how to upload an mp3 on Blogger and went to the trouble of creating a dang video instead. The upload took forever too! OMG! Kinda wonder if it was at all worth it. Gonna look into maybe starting a podcast or something on this blog.

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