Entry #12 London calling

Happy April Fools Day everybody! What better way to spend it than doing taxes while watching all the G-20 hullabaloo in London.

Yep, this fool is tackling her finances while watching Londoners attack the Royal Bank Of Scotland and the GOP announce their budget proposal on MSNBC.

Right now the President and First Lady are heading over to 10 Downing Street for the G-20 dinner prepared by Jamie Oliver aka The Naked Chef.

It's wild seeing the throngs of protesters crowd the streets of London given that I was there exactly a year ago. It was a very quiet time then, and also very expensive. It was a little over 2 US dollars to 1 British pound. Now it's $1.43 to £1.00.

These are my pics of London I took last spring, including a sucky self-protrait in front of Buckingham Palace.

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