Entry #4 Way overdue

Wow! Time really got away from me. This entry is long overdue.

So far my life in L.A. consists of working way too much, sleeping and fitting in some music when I can. On Jan 18th I performed at the West L.A. Farmer's Market with Murphy's Flaw which went pretty well. There's even video of it! I'll post a little clip from the show in my next entry.

For now, here's me playing a new song I learned two days ago. It's Lou Reed's "Satellite Of Love" with a special guest appearance of my cat Puddin'.

This video was recorded when I first woke up which is when my voice is at it's lowest. A perfect time to sing in Lou's vocal range, although I'm playing a half-step up from original key of F. Plus playing in G is way easier!

Oh, and keep in mind that I've only been playing the guitar for 3 months now.

Hope you like it.

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