Entry #7 My life as an artist is SO boring

Feeling unproductive music-wise. Been working way too much, but at least I'm making extra dough and still have a job unlike most these days. It certainly hasn't helped me as an artist though.

This blog has been so spotty much like my music these days. I was hoping that my time off last January from steady gigging was going to help me focus, and blogging about it would generate some excitement. Instead, I've gotten lazier. Even had a sinkful of dishes that accumulated over an embarrassing amount of time. Thankfully that chore is finally done as of 30 minutes ago.

My bluegrass fiddle studies continue to improve, but not at a pace that I'd like. Practiced for an hour tonight and felt better about my playing.

Still diggin' my guitar. Man, I really love that instrument. Been writing numerous snippets of songs, but nothing good. Finally, wrote a complete song a week ago that I actually like. Hoping next weekend I can record a little demo.

Speaking of girls and guitars, I saw Amy Redford 's indie film "The Guitar" on cable last night and liked it. It's a good little movie. I particularly liked that the story is about a girl who finally pursues her childhood dream of playing the guitar. I know so many girls who aspire to play an instrument, but instead they date a musician. Being a muse my ass. Come on girls, WAKE UP!!

Last Saturday's Valentine's Day was a trip. Unfortunately that "Monthly Intervention" open mic was a total bust for me. I was hoping it was a little songwriter thing with a low key audience of older folks. Instead, it was a wierd surreal COMEDY open mic. Shoulda called first.

Christy killed with her original comedy songs, and I was very impressed with her perfomance. We both had a good time watching the bizarre, yet entertaining event.

Well, look at that. I've written something tonight.

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