Star Sighting: Elvis Costello at Amoeba Records

FINALLY! I got to reap the benefits of living in L.A.

Last week, 6/22/09 to be exact, I saw Elvis Costello perform a free show at Amoeba Records THE COOLEST record store in Hollywood AND it was worth every minute of my 4 hour wait.

First, I'll start out this entry with a really good Elvis photo from Amoeba's website and then post pictures from my sucky camera.

I ran into some friends there (shout out to Cleo, Laura, Doug & Kent) and made some new ones too. Pictured below are my Cinema pals Laura and Doug and Steve, a jazz guitarist I met while standing in line along Ivar.

I LOVED THIS SHOW! Elvis performed mostly new material from his latest album Secret, Profane & Sugarcane and a really cool Grateful Dead cover of "A Friend Of The Devil."

And now, the show from the perspective of my sucky camera.

This in-store concert and Elvis's new CD has truly inspired me right now. My favorites are "Down Among The Wine And Spirits," "My All Time Doll," "Crooked Line" and "Sulphur To Sugarcane."

Here's a good crowd shot courtesy of

My inner-teenager was so thrilled that with the purchase of a CD you get a free (and way cool) Elvis Amoeba poster plus Elvis's autograph on any one item you choose. I had him sign my poster. Picture taking wasn't allowed in the autograph line, but I was able to sneak this one.

All in all a very fun event! Thanks Amoeba Records and Elvis!!!

In other news, I'm in the beginning stages of recording my DIY mini-CD. It's going pretty good too. Gonna lay low performing solo-wise to dedicate time to recording, but will be playing a few gigs with Murphy's Flaw.

Hopefully, July will have more entries than lately.

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