The summer has passed me by

Figured I'd better hurry up and write a little quickie blog so that there's at least one entry for August.

Been keeping a low profile music-wise, but having a little fun checking out the off-the-beaten-path film stuff Hollywood has to offer. Found a great cinema hangout (other than the Cinema Bar) over at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax. They even serve free Tecate beer! Diggin' it so much, I'm gonna become a member.

In honor of all the Beatlemania going on these days surrounding the upcoming release of the Beatle Rock Band game, the fine folks at Cinefamily are presenting their British Invasion program at the Silent Movie Theater every Thursday night starting this week (9/3/09). They're even gonna play the Beatle Rock Band game on the big screen. Sounds like fun.

I highly recommend checking this particular cinema scene out!

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