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Day 25 The Improv 

Hey Bud, that was fun yesterday. Not much to write about. I think Anthony and I will head out to Santa Monica Pier today. Tony really wants to go to a nightclub. Aunt Edie not so much. Crap, I'm old. We may hit Club Avalon in Hollywood tonight.

Anyways, Anthony's video still isn't done but it's getting there. Trying to do some neat effects I've never done before. Plus, I haven't quite dialed in my chroma key settings. I blame my lighting skills or actually my lack of skills.

Tomorrow is Anthony's last day. He flies out of LAX very early Saturday morning. That's going to be a toughie.

I'm able to post today's entry right now because Anthony's on FaceTime with Anna. Better hurry will my WiFi still has speed!

Looking forward to getting back to that White Stripes animation I started. Really want to see that one through.

It was cool running into Howard Kremer last night outside the Improv. Really wish he was performing the late show. Love his act. He is Mom's favorite you know. Big big thankies to Dwayne Perkings for comping us Improv tickets! He was so funny as always. I've never seen a bad set from that guy. The other comics were really good too, except for that awful awful Dane Cook. I'm going on internet record and saying DANE COOK SUCKS!!! Okay my work is done.

And without further ado, pictures from last night.

Day 24 Technically, I didn't miss it... 

Hey Bud, it's funny writing a post when you're just in the other room. It's been cool hanging with you, Anthony and Mom. Downtime with the family is good!!

And now we're off to the Improv to see Dwayne Perkins. Yay!

Yesterday, Anthony and I had a good time at the taping of "@Midnight." Cell phones were not allowed, so here's pics of Tony in WeHo/Beverly Hills. Yes, we ate at swanky Dan Tana's after the show but we did not rock out at The Troubador.

Love ya Bud.


Day 23 Multitasking like a mofo! 

Hey Bud, Whew! I can barely keep up. I'm still editing Anthony's video. Hopefully I'll make major headway tonight especially since I finally have some time off from work. In just a bit, Anthony are off to a taping of Chris Hardwick's "@Midnight" so that should be fun. Fingers crossed there's time for me to see The Mekons documentary at the Laemmle Royal on the westside at 7:30. I highly doubt it though. That's the thing about this town. So many things to do on any given night.

The Warner Bros tour yesterday was pretty good. My friend Marina took a huge chunk of time showing us around. Thank you Marina!!!

And without further ado, Warner Bros in :07 seconds! Oh, and that's my track "Rave On." I made this clip during breakfast. Multi-tasking like a mofo!!

Tawk to ya later Lance-a-lot! Love ya.

Day 22 Green screen action 

Wow! It’s been 3 weeks already. Still waiting to actually have something finished. Right now it’s a bunch of projects started. I’ll get back to my “Hello Operator” cartoon next week. 


Anthony and I shot some green screen stuff yesterday. So far, I’ve loaded the footage on my computer and I’m in the process of transcoding it. Haven’t even started the actual editing. Geesh. If I’m not too tired, I’ll see what tonight brings.


We’re off to Warner Bros in just a bit. Cashing in on my good fortune of having friends who work at major studios. Today it’s Marina’s turn!


Sounds like you and Anthony had a good time at El Capitan last night. Must have been because Anthony’s still asleep. I can tell when he’s awake because my internet speed slows down. Ha!


Anyway’s here’s a little green screen action of Tony. Haven’t decided on what the background will be. That’s gonna be the fun part! 


Behold, as I present, Anthony’s blooper reel!

Day 21 Lots o fun in the sun! 

Hey Bud, I quickly edited this video of Anthony cruisin’ Hollywood and downtown LA to one of my royalty free tracks. I used the app Adobe Clip to create this. It’s not the best timing but I’ll get better at it as I progress. This app is pretty damn cool tho. Geesh. How far we’ve come. Shooting and editing on a phone! I use my iPhone more as a camera and a computer than anything these days.



Anthony’s busy working on a script for our next video as I write this. We’ll see how much we get shot today and post it later this week on YouTube.

Mom, Anthony and I had a good time last night despite the hot weather. Holy cow! It was sweltering in Burbank at my company picnic. Here’s a pic of me and Anthony in one of Deluxe’s photo booth setups.

After the picnic, we all went to the Farmers Market and saw Alias Means with his band perform and then we roamed around The Grove for a bit. I don’t have any pics of last night because I forgot my damn phone. Boo. Afterwards, we drove down Laurel Canyon to Ventura and had dinner at Chin Chin’s. Love that place. Mom even used her chopsticks for a little while since she watched me and Anthony eat with them.


Anthony’s looking forward to seeing you later on tonight!


Love you Bud.

Day 20 Larger than life and death 

Hey Bud, still super busy. Don't even have time to create a Vine! I'm quickly overloading my iPhone on top of it. It's backing up right now. I haven't the space to create a :06 sec video.

As you already know, yesterday was a big day for Anthony. He had a good time walking the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, taking lots of pictures of his favorite stars and shopping for souvenirs. Afterwards, we hopped back on the Red Line and headed to DTLA for the Grammy Museum. He loved that! The timing couldn't be more perfect as The Taylor Swift Experience was one of the exhibits. It was quite impressive.

Whew! Talk about larger than life. There's a ton of pics from yesterday, a lot of good ones too. This one pretty much sums it up. Overwhelming!! It was fun none the less.

Last night I had another episode of what I call notions of death, which always wakes me up in the middle of sleeping. It's like my mind sinks into nothingness, and I'm consciously aware of losing me. Then instantly I freak out with the fear of nonexistence. I'd like to write about this more. Maybe even create something from it. I don't know. It strikes me profound and yet I have a hard time explaining it. Just wanted to mention it to remind myself of this thought.

Well, we're off for the Deluxe company picnic in a bit and after that The Grove and Farmers Market.

Now to catch up commenting on your post from yesterday!

Love you Bud.

Day 19 Hollywood! 

Hey Bud, this is probably my shortest, most last minute (and very late) post to date. So busy. Anyways, Anthony's having a good time and so am I.

Shout out to my pals Alias Means at Nickelodeon Animation and Rob Greffey at Paramount Studios for showing us where they work.

So here's day 2 of Anthony's visit. I present "Hollywood!"

Day 18 LA like a boss! 

Hey Bud, Grrr. Trying to figure out technology quickly is a test of my will and patience. Double grrrr. This was supposed to be a quickie, fun post. Triple grrr.

Well as you know I'm trying to squeeze as much time as I can showing Anthony around LA while juggling work, our blog and my daily creative activity. So today's post comes by way of an Instagram video loop. Wanted to see if it was easier to post than Vine, and actually it's much worse. The embed code blows!

So here's the link instead of Anthony's 1st day in LA. Well, Burbank to be specific. I present Anthony "LA Like A Boss!!"

Love you Bud!

Day 17 Can't explain 

Hey Bud, I was so tired and now I can't sleep. I think I'm on a late night habit. Can't quite explain today. Strange to feel happy for one family member and yet so sad for another at the same time. Life. She is weird.

It's really good having Anthony here. We're gonna have such fun. He's pretty much down for anything and everything. 

As for some sort of creative post, I'll use my performance of "Heed My Warning" from Live at Lockett's series, which launched today. This one is my favorite tune out of the three I performed. So disappointed in my fiddle one. It's a bit intimidating watching some incredible artists simply shine on such a stellar production. I tried to bring my A game, but lost it along the way. Sometimes that happens; and it sucks. Strange that I would be comfortable with a guitar in that setting than with my fiddle. 

Talk to you soon. Love you Bud.

Day 16 Come what may 

Hey Bud, today at 10:00 am Pacific time Live At Lockett's launches on YouTube today and I'm a bit nervous. What if no one watches? What if it's awful and everyone watches? Oh whatever. Come what may. Do what you can. Don't do what you can't. It's all random. Just like this Vine.

P.S. I love you Bud.
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