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Entry #9 I was a geek, I still am a geek, and I will forever remain a geek. 

Things are back to normal at least for a little while. It wasn't so good last week. A lot of my friends and colleagues were laid off recently, and it got me nervous as well. Currently, I'm still employed and relieved.

Feeling optimistic about my artistic endeavors however small. Got a nice compliment from someone out in cyberland. Zuniwind commented on my YouTube Lou Reed cover saying "love your version, can you do another video breaking down the chords and picking ? keep up the great playing eddie !"

Okay so he misspelled my name, but how cool is that?!! I'd say way cool. Thanks zuniwind!!

Well, I've put together my band for the big solo debut birthday show on May 13 at The Cinema Bar. Peter Kavanaugh, guitarist, and Million Dollar Dan (aka Dan Dungan), upright bassist, will accompany me as I sing, fiddle, pick the mando and even strum a few chords on the guitar! I'm real excited. These guys are super talented and very dear friends. It's gonna be a blast!

I'm also booking a headliner act, but that still has yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned.

Okay, now to the geek portion of the show, er . . . uh . . . I mean entry . . .

Here's the thing. I love and admire top lofty musicians in all genres and can be musically snooty with the best of them. Ah, but those close to me (and now blog readers) know I have some scary skeletons in my music closet and every once in a while they creep out.

My TV viewing somewhat matches my musical taste. MSNBC , BBC America and VH1 Classic are the only channels I watch but that's another story or entry or whatever or not.

Anyways . . . the other day VH1 Classic aired, One With Everything, a live concert of Styx performing with The Contemporary Youth Orchestra, and damn it I enjoyed watching it. That concert took me back to the days of high school when I listened to REO Speedwagon while going to countless rehearsals/auditions/concerts with the BCC Youth Symphony, Florida All-State Orchestra, All-County Orchestra (in Broward), and Coconut Creek High School Orchestra (not to mention the numerous school musical pit orchestras). But I never had the opportunity to combine both! Rock out while playing the violin? Man, those CYO kids were so lucky. I wasn't a fan of Styx or Journey back in the day, but I dug all their cousin bands like REO, Loverboy, Billy Squier and countless others just as embarrassing. Check out the YouTube clip. You can't help but smile seeing those kids having so much fun and playing with such joy WITH Styx in 2006! Who da thunk?

Anyway, I was so inspired that I wanted to keep the geek flame burning and made a donation to VH1's Save The Music Foundation. Music education helped a tasteless violin geek from a cracker town trailer park develop a true understanding and appreciation of the finer arts.

Another great rockin' music program is Electrify Your Strings! led by Mark Wood of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Viper Violins fame. Above is a pic of me test driving one of Mark Wood's Vipers.

Rock on trailer park orchestra geeks!!

Entry #8 My artistic life is becoming less boring 

I'm pleased to announce my big debut show as a solo artist is officially booked on my birthday May 13 at my beloved Cinema Bar in Culver City.

Gives me plenty of time to put together my material and a band!

So, things are starting to pick up musically.

Just realized, I've got a birthday theme going today. Today is actually my brother Dave's birthday. Birthday shout out to my bro!

This entry's short and sweet.

Here's a pic of me fiddlin' at The Cinema Bar back in Sept 2008 courtesy of Ames Flames Evil.

Entry #7 My life as an artist is SO boring 

Feeling unproductive music-wise. Been working way too much, but at least I'm making extra dough and still have a job unlike most these days. It certainly hasn't helped me as an artist though.

This blog has been so spotty much like my music these days. I was hoping that my time off last January from steady gigging was going to help me focus, and blogging about it would generate some excitement. Instead, I've gotten lazier. Even had a sinkful of dishes that accumulated over an embarrassing amount of time. Thankfully that chore is finally done as of 30 minutes ago.

My bluegrass fiddle studies continue to improve, but not at a pace that I'd like. Practiced for an hour tonight and felt better about my playing.

Still diggin' my guitar. Man, I really love that instrument. Been writing numerous snippets of songs, but nothing good. Finally, wrote a complete song a week ago that I actually like. Hoping next weekend I can record a little demo.

Speaking of girls and guitars, I saw Amy Redford 's indie film "The Guitar" on cable last night and liked it. It's a good little movie. I particularly liked that the story is about a girl who finally pursues her childhood dream of playing the guitar. I know so many girls who aspire to play an instrument, but instead they date a musician. Being a muse my ass. Come on girls, WAKE UP!!

Last Saturday's Valentine's Day was a trip. Unfortunately that "Monthly Intervention" open mic was a total bust for me. I was hoping it was a little songwriter thing with a low key audience of older folks. Instead, it was a wierd surreal COMEDY open mic. Shoulda called first.

Christy killed with her original comedy songs, and I was very impressed with her perfomance. We both had a good time watching the bizarre, yet entertaining event.

Well, look at that. I've written something tonight.

Entry #6 Happy Valentine's Day 

Music is in my heart today, and what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with my sister, Christy.

We've decided to perform our new material at an open mic in Burbank called the Monthly Intervention.

I found it and a bunch of others at

The Monthly Intervention is actually inside The Burbank Moose Lodge. My dad was a Moose member back in Florida years ago. He was also with The Elks and The American Legion.

To hell with chocolate. My sister and I will be playing our hearts out and thinking of Dad!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Entry #5 Who I'm listening to 

Thought I'd make a quick entry before heading out to Beverly Hills to see my sister's show Comedy 90120 tonight.

Two songwriters I really admire both have new albums due out this month.

Randy Weeks was THE Los Angeles local hero at The Cinema Bar, and is now in Austin and taking the live music capitol by storm. His new CD "Going My Way" comes out Feb. 24, but my pre-order copy arrived in the mail today! Run and get yours at his website.

Peter Fahey, another Cinema favorite, will be releasing "Thunder Underneath" on Feb. 17. This album also features Randy on the guitar. In fact, I'll be at the Cinema Bar tomorrow, Feb. 13 (Friday the 13!) for Peter's show at 9:30 pm. Come join me! You can get digitally download Pete's CD at Emusic (I love this site) or get the actual CD at CD Universe. This is a terrific album.

Entry #4 Way overdue 

Wow! Time really got away from me. This entry is long overdue.

So far my life in L.A. consists of working way too much, sleeping and fitting in some music when I can. On Jan 18th I performed at the West L.A. Farmer's Market with Murphy's Flaw which went pretty well. There's even video of it! I'll post a little clip from the show in my next entry.

For now, here's me playing a new song I learned two days ago. It's Lou Reed's "Satellite Of Love" with a special guest appearance of my cat Puddin'.

This video was recorded when I first woke up which is when my voice is at it's lowest. A perfect time to sing in Lou's vocal range, although I'm playing a half-step up from original key of F. Plus playing in G is way easier!

Oh, and keep in mind that I've only been playing the guitar for 3 months now.

Hope you like it.

Entry #3 Comedy 90210 

"Beverly Hills that's where I want to be!"

Yep, I'll be there tonight.

My sister Christy co-hosts a new comedy show with Stamie Karakasidis called "Comedy 90210" every Thursday night from 8-10.

Lots of funny comedians with lots of TV cred and no cover. You'll love it!

Roxbury Cafe has a good menu too.

459 N. Roxbury Dr. (cross street Little Santa Monica)
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Entry #2 Inauguration Day 

It's funny how some days I feel so uninspired. The day after my first entry I was thinking "this whole blog thing is stupid." Still kinda do, but decided I'm not gonna judge what it is I'm doing. I'm just gonna do it.

Today Christy, my sister and personal hero, came over for breakfast. We watched President Barack Obama take the oath on television while enjoying veggie omelettes.

It was pretty special.

Christy volunteers at the USO at LAX every Tuesday morning. That's right people, she is a good American. Inspiration has begun to sink back in after spending Inauguration Day with two good Americans, Christy Murphy and Pres. Barack Obama.

To commemorate the event, here's a picture of me and Christy who is wearing her USO shirt.

Entry #1 

Oh, the pressure of what to say on Day 1 of my online journal!

About me: I'm a musician (fiddle, mandolin, singer-songwriter, some acoustic guitar) in Los Angeles. I play fiddle in a bluegrass band called Murphy's Flaw and with a good ol' acoustic country band The Hello Darlin's.

I've also performed with Dime Box Band, The Hollow Trees, Dafni, Wil Forbis, Sarah Stanley and Ghost Town.

In my quest to seek attention on the internet, I'll be posting some music clips of my work as a fiddler, singer/songwriter
and whatever else I feel like expressing.

Thanks for stopping by!

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