Day 23 Multitasking like a mofo!

Hey Bud, Whew! I can barely keep up. I'm still editing Anthony's video. Hopefully I'll make major headway tonight especially since I finally have some time off from work. In just a bit, Anthony are off to a taping of…Read more

Day 22 Green screen action

Wow! It’s been 3 weeks already. Still waiting to actually have something finished. Right now it’s a bunch of projects started. I’ll get back to my “Hello Operator” cartoon next week. 


Anthony and I shot some green screen…

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Day 21 Lots o fun in the sun!

Hey Bud, I quickly edited this video of Anthony cruisin’ Hollywood and downtown LA to one of my royalty free tracks. I used the app Adobe Clip to create this. It’s not the best timing but I’ll get better at…

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Day 20 Larger than life and death

Hey Bud, still super busy. Don't even have time to create a Vine! I'm quickly overloading my iPhone on top of it. It's backing up right now. I haven't the space to create a :06 sec video.

As you already…Read more

Day 19 Hollywood!

Hey Bud, this is probably my shortest, most last minute (and very late) post to date. So busy. Anyways, Anthony's having a good time and so am I.

Shout out to my pals Alias Means at Nickelodeon Animation and Rob…Read more

Day 18 LA like a boss!

Hey Bud, Grrr. Trying to figure out technology quickly is a test of my will and patience. Double grrrr. This was supposed to be a quickie, fun post. Triple grrr.

Well as you know I'm trying to squeeze as much…Read more

Day 17 Can't explain

Hey Bud, I was so tired and now I can't sleep. I think I'm on a late night habit. Can't quite explain today. Strange to feel happy for one family member and yet so sad for another at the same…Read more

Day 16 Come what may

Hey Bud, today at 10:00 am Pacific time Live At Lockett's launches on YouTube today and I'm a bit nervous. What if no one watches? What if it's awful and everyone watches? Oh whatever. Come what may. Do what you… Read more

Day 14 Enjoying down time

Didn't get very far with my "Hello Operator" animation, but I did get much needed down time this weekend.

First and foremost, sleep and peace. Love sleeping in and still having my day ahead of me. It's a very luxurious…Read more

Day 13 Hello Operator...

Hey Bud, well I'm knee deep in animating albeit slow, but a lot of fun. Played some guitar today and sang a bit. May record another quickie demo later in the week, but with our nephew Anthony coming to town…Read more