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Howdy lovely internet folk!

Edie here, I've been keeping super busy recording new material. I'm also still composing music for my other website, which is a compilation of my royalty free music that can be used by anyone for any media project such as YouTube videos, game apps and more.

In other news:
This summer my sister Christy and I are blogging like it's 2004. We made a pact to keep creative every day and write about it. Click on my blog and you can follow my ups and downs as an artist in Los Angeles. You can also follow Christy's blog as well. I'm currently taking a crack at animation. You can see some of my little practice projects in my blog. I've also added some fun and goofy Vines.

Big music news:
I'm very proud to be a part of a new LA music series called Live At Lockett's, which debuts 10 am Pacific time on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at this YouTube channel link

Live at Lockett’s is an intimate concert series filmed in Christopher Lockett’s living room. One camera, one lens, no zooms, no cuts, not even a microphone in frame. Just a lone shotgun mic overhead in a c-stand. Nothing between the performer and the audience. Think of it as visual field recordings, albeit reflecting the production values of Lockett’s years as a cinematographer and director. It features 23 performers from Los Angeles’ eclectic roots music and poetry scenes. 3 songs or poems each. Each a standalone video.

One of the songs I perform in the series is a solo acoustic version of this spooky tune "Heed My Warning."

More news to come. So do drop by again!

Your friend in music,
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