1. 3000 Miles
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*Crackerbone - Edie's old project with The Boneman.
mandolin/vocal: Edie Murphy
guitar: Scot Lang
electric bass: Dave Ivie
drums: Kevin "The Boneman" Bone


I’m gonna leave this town
And I’m not messing a-round
I’m gonna pack up my U-haul and run
Even tow my Neon to go
Then drive 3000 miles

Man, I attract all the wierdos from the crowd
I’m sick of them tying me down
And my loser boyfriend’s a schmuck
Man, my life really sucks
I’ll just drive 3000 Miles

I arrived here in Holly - wood
‘Cause I’m hoping that life will go pretty good
I’ll just find a job in the movie biz
Start up a band and be the shiz

Goddamn it
I can’t believe this
The dirt bag he followed me
Yeah, that dirt bag he followed me
3000 miles

Dirt bag, I don’t like you in this town
And Dirt bag, don’t be following me around
‘Cause my new boyfriend, he’s studly
And he can kick your ass back to Sunday
Or just 3,000 miles

Dirt bag, I’m staying here in Hollywood
‘Cause life without you has been pretty good
You see, I got a job in the movie biz
I’m in *Crackerbone and we’re really the shiz

So Dirt bag, don’t follow me around
‘Cause I don’t want to see you in this town
Now I’m pretty studly
And I’ll kick your ass back to Sunday
Or just 3000 miles