About Edie (aka just eedee)

Los Angeles fiddler, mando picker, singer-songwriter Edie Murphy aka Just Eedee combines her love of bluegrass, roots rock and 80s new wave into a happy fun sound all her own, Americana Pop! Edie writes catchy songs about life in Hollywood from Vince Vaughn to Van Nuys, Randy’s Donuts to traffic on the 405. Think Cyndi Lauper meets The Dixie Chicks or picture a double bill of The Go Go’s with The Traveling Wilburys. She performs through out LA with her band The Just Around Towners featuring Tom Gramlich on lead guitar, John Bird on keyboard, Robert Greffey on electric bass and Joey Stafford on drums.

Edie began playing the fiddle at age 12 even though her teachers mistakenly called it a violin. She studied classical music and music theory in college until the call of a television and movie career enticed her away. When her career brought her to Los Angeles, Edie's romance with music was rekindled by mandolin lessons at the Silverlake Music Conservatory. Oh, but you never forget your first love. A trip to The Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest and listening to fiddlers playing bluegrass inspired her return to the fiddle.

Edie's former bands include The Stardust Ramblers (rockabilly/country & western) Murphy's Flaw (bluegrass), Backyard Greyhounds (rockin' country), Dime Box (alt-country), The Hello Darlin's (Country), Crackerbone (acoustic) and The Cinema Girls (acoustic jam band). She also has performed and recorded with Tom Gramlich, Skip Heller,  Ruby Friedman, Vicki Hill, Christopher Lockett, Wil Forbis, Dafni and Sarah Stanley.

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