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Edie's Blog

January 2018 Happy New Year! 

It's been a few months since my last post. Been keeping busy working on a lot of exciting stuff!

I've decided to re-ignite my YouTube channel with videos pertaining to my music. Been having a lot of fun with it as it combines my two loves: filmmaking and music making!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and be sure to click the bell icon so you know when I upload a new video, which will be one every week!

I've also added my YouTube videos here on my website via my video page.

Currently working on a new single which is currently being mastered. Also want to launch a neat video for it as well.

I've got 2 shows coming up. I'll be sitting in with Tom Gramlich and Elmore's Paint Horse over at The Cinema Bar in Culver City on Sat February 10. Then the very next day, Sunday February 11,  I'll be doing a solo acoustic performance at Beyond Baroque in Venice for a special Valentine's show "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" hosted by Eric Vollmer and featuring poets, writers and musicians.

I've got another video to work on, so bye for now!!

New lyric video for "This Is the Life" and bumper stickers! Woo hoo! 

I discovered a new video editing program called Wondershare Filmora, which is super easy and so much fun to use! Didn't have time to shoot a video for my Amy Macdonald cover song This Is the Life, so I created a lyric video. Check it on my video page!

In other news, my next show will be at the Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax in Los Angeles on Nov 11. I'll be performing with my full band as Edie Murphy and the Just Around Towners. We're the opening act for my old band The Stardust Ramblers. It will be a grand reunion! Ramblers Joey Buttler and Sally Jo will join the Towners and sing back up for a few tunes. Then I'll return the favor and sit in on fiddle during their set. It's gonna be a hoot!

And even more good news, I got new band stickers!

Yep, that's my fiddle and mandolin that I drew with chalk on a chalkboard and took a digital picture. Pretty nifty, huh?


Been keeping busy learning about promoting my music, working on videos and of course practicing! Plus I managed to find time to go out and enjoy live music. Saw a great double bill, Great Willow opening for Paul Kelly at The Federal Bar last Sunday with some dear friends. Very inspiring to hear good music in a good venue. Hope to play there myself.

Working on my next single and a lyric video for that too. So stay tuned!

Having fun with Spotify 

A few weeks ago I digitally released my original song "Save Our Ship" aka "The Batman Song." Haven't had much time to promote it, and I'm finding it a challenge to keep up with the whole social media thing. Figure I'll just find things that I truly like to do and not beat myself up with getting it right.

So I came across Spotify and I'm having fun discovering new music and playing old favorite songs. I've created a couple of playlists and even signed up for an artist account. Really neat stuff. Right now it's crickets because my profile is brand spanking new, but it's pretty cool that I'm seeing streams in different countries like Australia and Chile.

Here's my first Spotify playlist: California Dwellers - Edie's Spotify playlist

My friend Bryan Stone from the band The Buttonholes even shared it on Facebook. I was stoked he did that!

Anyways, this playlist features some of my friends here in California as well as other California artists I really admire. Enjoy!


New cover song "This Is the Life" just released! 


Well two years ago, my summer project was blogging with my sister, Christy. Was hoping to keep that going, but life had other plans.

Summer is my productive season for creativity, and 2016 was no exception.

I enrolled at the Animation Academy and studied Character Design from spring to the end of summer. It was a very humbling, yet incredibly rewarding experience.

By August 2016, I was offered a new exciting, yet challenging, job in digital media. Unfortunately, I could't keep up the pace with drawing, music and a new day gig. So the animation stuff got placed on the back burner.

However, I didn't give up on my art entirely. I created the artwork and designed my new t-shirt featuring lyrics from my song "Save Our Ship" which is on sale on my merch page. There's also coffee mugs featuring my chalk mandolin and fiddle drawings, and guitar watercolor for sale.

And now fast forward to this summer, I recorded several new tunes, including some really fun covers. Plus, I shot a DIY YouTube video for my song "Save Our Ship" which you can see on my home page. Last week I released a cover of Amy Macdonald's hit "This Is The Life." So thrilled about this. It's available everywhere! Look for it on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, CDBaby, GooglePlay, etc.

My plan is to release a single every three weeks.

Also doing some updates to my Edie Murphy website and I just started a Facebook music page. So like me on Facebook!



Gonna keep on keepin' on!! 

Hey Bud, looking forward to what July has in store for me. I have no idea what that will be, but I have this strong gut feeling something good is up and around the bend.

Nothing all that profound to write today or anything creative to share, but I've been playing my guitar these past few days. Tonight I think I'll dig up some ideas I recorded a month ago and see where it takes me. Maybe even post that tomorrow since it's my day off. We'll see.

Anyways, just checking in to keep up my blogging momentum.

Love you!

Day 30 Looks like we made it! 

Hey Bud, and welcome to day 30. We did it! Yay us!

Well, I had a lot of fun moving this cartoon up to a whole :10 sec of rock and roll, animated goodness. Worked on it a little after work last night, but made much more progress this morning. Check it!

This blog has been a true motivator for me. The cool thing is, I just sit down at my desk and see what strikes me. There's been very little planning. I like this way of working. Just show up and something happens. My leaps of faith are getting bigger and my little chunks of consistent effort are starting to build. This experiment lifted my spirits higher than I imagined. It feels good to be joyful, inspired, productive and creative again.

Holy cow! I can't wait to tell you what else is going on!!

This is turning into one hell of a summer. Thanks Bud. LOVE YOU!!!

Day 29 Hello operator, again... 

Hey Bud, Well I actually accomplished something today. Unfortunately Vimeo takes forever to upload a :02 sec video. Hopefully, it will be ready before I go to work in an hour.

I chose Vimeo because the quality is better and I didn't want to load my animation tests on YouTube. Too visible, too soon. I thought about Vine, but timing those loops really pisses me off. I have yet to figure that out. Grrrrrr!!!

The hard part of being creative with digital media is the learning curve. After nearly 2 weeks of being away from Flash animation, I lost what little skills I had. It's slowly coming back now.

Anyways, I know I'm going about this "Hello Operator" piece all wrong. I'm supposed to create an animatic first, but whatevs. I want to learn what strikes me interesting. So, on with the fun stuff of drawing characters and making them say something. It's really fun working with Flash because I can cheat like crazy! No one will ever know. Hehehe.

I think I'm gonna continue my end of our blog experiment a little longer. It really helps me move things along. It would be cool to have some kind of body of work by the end of the summer. We'll see.

So here's the video, don't blink or you'll miss it. Quick tip: After you click play, move the mouse away from the viewfinder so you can see everything in frame.

Love you Bud!!

Day 28 Unwind 

Hey Bud! Sorry you were illin' yesterday. Hope you're better today. I'm gonna call you in a bit to catch up some more. Funny how our 3 hour phone conversation didn't quite cover it. Ha!!

Caught up on much needed sleep yesterday. After our long chat, I hung out with Mom for a bit and then I took a nice long nap. I woke up at 7:30 pm! It wasn't my intent to sleep away my Saturday afternoon, but I'm glad I did.

Not much to report regarding creativity, but I'm happy to say that I've recruited another player for my solo project. Last night, I went over to Culver City to see my friend Tom Gramlich perform with his band. Tom's a great picker and he said yes to playing guitar on some of my tunes. I discovered he plays lap steel too. May have to incorporate that as well. Here's some pics of his band Mystic Miles performing at The Scarlet Lady Saloon, as I always feel compelled to put up some kind of visual in my blog. Plus, I wanted to give Tom a shout out.

So far, I've got my pal Rob Greffey onboard for bass and I may have a drummer too. Still got to check in with Vaquetones guitarist Gene Cornwell. Always good having several smoking pickers on hand since they are constantly booked.

Well, that's about it. I think I'm gonna do some more drawing today particularly on Jack and Meg White. Let's see how far I get.

Love you Bud!

Day 27 Time, she is surreal 

Hey Bud, it's 5:48 am and I haven't gone to bed yet. Anthony's flight took off about 25 minutes ago. So strange how quickly his trip went. We did so much every day that when I think it over, it actually was a while ago. Perfect timing though as we just about covered everything on the list. Kinda impressed with myself how much I packed in between work, projects and sightseeing. Whew! I'm ready to get back to business.

I love this time of day for writing. It's quiet, calm and I can think and gather my thoughts. It's when my dreams feel possible. I am incredibly free right now.

I'm excited to continue with all the various projects I started. I finally finished Anthony's video. Haven't quite figured out how to color correct the green from his face. I'll tackle that later down the line. I want to get back to animation, particularly my "Hello Operator" cartoon. Anthony wrote the script himself. I just edited together all the footage and photographs we took with our iPhones. So, incredible the technology today.

It was great fun shooting and editing this. It's been a while since I've done actual production and post-production. I love that I can do it all!

And without further ado, "Listen Up! I Got Something To Say" episode 1.

Love you Bud.


Day 26 Love Wins!!! 

Hey Bud, as you already saw on Facebook, Anthony and I had a great time at Club Avalon in Hollywood. It was Tigerheat's 10th Anniversary complete with male go-go dancers. Tigerheat is the young clubbers night on Thursdays at the Avalon, and man those kids were young! I looked like a cougar dancing with Anthony, but he didn't care. He just twerked up and down and all around that dance floor!

What a special day in history. Marriage equality in all 50 states! Anthony was asking me over breakfast how many states are in the US, and I wondered where that came from. Now I know. It cracks me up how the kids keep up with current events via Snapchat, Twitter, etc. He knew all the breaking news during his whole visit here. It's actually pretty cool. Kids are pretty savvy than they're given credit for.

Anyways, I'm still working on that video. Geesh! Hoping to record a bit of Anthony singing since it's his last day today. Fingers crossed.

Anyways, see ya later for our family BBQ as we celebrate Anthony's graduation. Yay!

Here's the Vine again. I've got it everywhere (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). I might as well post on my blog too. Oh, and of course this Vine features another one of my royalty free music tracks!

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