Having fun with Spotify

A few weeks ago I digitally released my original song "Save Our Ship" aka "The Batman Song." Haven't had much time to promote it, and I'm finding it a challenge to keep up with the whole social media thing. Figure I'll just find things that I truly like to do and not beat myself up with getting it right.

So I came across Spotify and I'm having fun discovering new music and playing old favorite songs. I've created a couple of playlists and even signed up for an artist account. Really neat stuff. Right now it's crickets because my profile is brand spanking new, but it's pretty cool that I'm seeing streams in different countries like Australia and Chile.

Here's my first Spotify playlist: California Dwellers - Edie's Spotify playlist

My friend Bryan Stone from the band The Buttonholes even shared it on Facebook. I was stoked he did that!

Anyways, this playlist features some of my friends here in California as well as other California artists I really admire. Enjoy!