Day 30 Looks like we made it!

Hey Bud, and welcome to day 30. We did it! Yay us!

Well, I had a lot of fun moving this cartoon up to a whole :10 sec of rock and roll, animated goodness. Worked on it a little after work last night, but made much more progress this morning. Check it!

This blog has been a true motivator for me. The cool thing is, I just sit down at my desk and see what strikes me. There's been very little planning. I like this way of working. Just show up and something happens. My leaps of faith are getting bigger and my little chunks of consistent effort are starting to build. This experiment lifted my spirits higher than I imagined. It feels good to be joyful, inspired, productive and creative again.

Holy cow! I can't wait to tell you what else is going on!!

This is turning into one hell of a summer. Thanks Bud. LOVE YOU!!!

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